Should Cricket Become a Popular World Sport Rather Than an Official World Sport?

Cricket is played by about 9 countries. There are other affiliate member nations that play cricket, but are not on the ICC list of Test playing nations. There are countries such as Bangladesh who have been granted Test status but suffer extreme losses at the hands of other test playing nations. What does it take to grant other nations such as China, Bermuda etc Test status?

In football there are a lot of countries who are involved in playing the game. Countries such as India do not even qualify for the world cup. But foot ball is watched actively by Indians and other countrymen. It is just that there are only a few teams that play in the world cup.

But the question here is then why should cricket be played officially only by a few countries. In fact in places such as France people do not know that a certain sport by the name of cricket exists. It is hence imperative that our enjoyment and our rejoicing of cricket be shared globally. People in South America, Africa, Mexico, Guatemala all must play and enjoy cricket. Only then can the Test playing nations be proud of their achievements.

Cricket has to become a world sport by a popular index and cannot remain only as a quality incentive of a few Test playing nations. The ICC is spreading cricket across many nations, but then league cricket is restricted to only a few skillful persons. Sport should be for everybody’s enjoyment. We should see Chinese children just swing the bat and the ball similar to children in India. In India if one goes to a recreation park on a Sunday one is bound to see so many people playing cricket games. Will ICCs initiative see Cricket becoming a popular sport rather than an official incursion of skills?