Cricket – A Spectacular Sport Enjoyed by the Masses

Cricket is a sport played right from narrow alley-ways to corridors to palatial stadiums. Earlier it used to be known as a gentleman’s game. The advent of this sport is believed to have been in the 16th century during the tudor times. It is the most popular game in the subcontinent especially in countries like India, Pakistan, Srilanka etc.

All these countries have lifted the world cup at least once in the past few decades, Come, World Cup and these nations fall into the grips of cricket fever with millions sitting glued to television screen for entire lengths of matches.

The equipment required for playing the game is comes up to 3 or 4 items like a bat and a ball, stumps etc. Professional teams play with 11 members on each side. The media coverage received by this sport is tremendous. Cricket players are given celebrity status and you can see them endorsing every other product available be it cars, soft drinks or sports equipment.

Over the years, a lot of flexibility has set in the game. Seemingly, it was only in the 1900’s that the six ball over was introduced. Previously it used to be only 4 balls per over. Some countries even tried out doing a 8 ball over. Limited over cricket has become the rage today replacing the age old test series though it’s still played a lot. The Twenty20 cricket has become a euphoria these days especially because of the short time factor associated with it.

The governing body for cricket is the International Cricket Council (ICC) which was founded in 1909. All decisions pertaining to matches, venues for major matches like the World Cup etc are taken by the ICC. There exists various clubs enlisting players and these clubs play against each other quite often. English county cricket is played this way. Thus cricket is and will continue to be the most enjoyable sport to play as well as watch for eons ahead.